If you are interested in volunteering for our programs or events we would enjoy working with your hands that give! Just email us

We appreciate volunteers of all ages and abilities. If you or someone you know can give one hour or 100 hours just let us know. Contact us at 804-932-4846 ext. 3 or via the contacts page on this web site.

Volunteer Opportunities

Matthew's Haven desires an individual to attend the New Kent County Outreach Council quarterly meetings and represent Matthew's Haven. These meetings are held 4 times annually. The meeting times last approximately 2 hours from 9-11 a.m. Location changes every quarter but always within New Kent. Report required when impacts our charity. Time required: approximately 2-3 hours quarterly.

Matthews' Haven desires an individual to work closely with our partner Bridging Communities and the student volunteer who manages and updates our web site. Student Volunteer changes annually. Requirements include communication to the student regarding adding, deleting pictures, notices, assisting with developing documents as attachments and communication information on the web site. Time required: approximately 1-2 hours monthly. Work may be done from home.

Matthew's Haven desires an individual to assist with fundraising and help with grant opportunities. This may involve development of annual fundraiser's as well as hands on activity to promote, expedite a successful fundraiser with other volunteers. Also research and collaborate grant opportunities with one other volunteer. Time required: approximately 3 hours monthly.

Matthew's Haven desires an individual to assist with the weekly call rotation. There are currently 7 volunteers serving in this role. The volunteer will contact our voice mail system for one week every 8 weeks. Calls will come in from clients or agencies needing assistance with emergency food, energy assistance, clothing, baby items, etc. Time required: Approximately 2-3 hours once every 8 weeks. Most work can be done from home.

*Volunteer time above is an estimate and may be more or less depending on the activity. Matthew's Haven can provide a time sheet or letter for employers or others stating volunteer efforts are ongoing and/or completed.