Matthew’s Haven went on a journey with me and my daughter, Anijah. My daughter was diagnosed with cancer by the age of one. Throughout her short lived life of five years, Matthew’s Haven provided everything she and my family needed. There were times when we didn’t ask for anything and Matthew's Haven checked on us through my Healthy Families Home Visitor. If I was to list everything that Matthew's Haven provided for me and my family, I would run out of paper. Not only did they provide for my daughter, but after the death of my daughter, they continued to provide for my other two children. They included them in on their coat drive and provided for Christmas. There really are no words to express how much I appreciate the love and support from Matthew’s Haven.



When I thought the doors were closed for my children for Christmas, I was introduced to Matthews Haven. They had the key to open the doors so that my children could have a Merry Christmas. There are no words to express how a mother feels when she does not have the means to be able to give her children something on Christmas morning, and there are definitely no words to express the joy and gratitude a mother has when someone gives (Matthew’s Haven)so that my children were able to have Christmas. Matthew’s Haven did it.


I was so excited to know that I was never turned away when I needed help multiple times. Matthew's Haven provided me with food & gas cards and assisted with utilities. This was throughout the year multiple times. When Christmas came I was satisfied with the help I had throughout the year and was reserved to not having additional help with Christmas. But Oh No, Matthew's Haven provide me with Christmas for Layla, my daughter.

“This is true giving and not judging” -Denise

I am a single dad and MH provided Christmas, coat and clothes throughout the year for my son. I am grateful that Healthy Families and Matthew’s Haven work so well together.


A mom received a baby bundle and was so excited to know that everything she needed for her new baby boy was in it.